From training in the Marine Corps & the police academy, to graduating with honors with a degree in psychology, to a 500 RYT yoga teacher, to studying philosophy & technology, to observing & researching human behavior as a private investigator, to leading trainings on self mastery – as well as traveling the world and growing a retreat company more than 600% in the 3 years – Miles has a deep understanding of the human experience and seeks to help others optimize their lives. Using this skillset and disciplined practice, Miles overcame 20 years of chronic pain, learned how to rewire his brain, and completely retrain his body. Through a healthy symbiosis of technology and what makes us human, Miles uncovers how we're influenced, how little control we actually have of our lives, and how to gain control through self mastery and digital wellness so we can become who we really are.


Social media used in a conscious way to help empower offline lives. Come join the journey.


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