The Singularity & What Will Cause It

Uncategorized Aug 06, 2019

What is the Singularity?

Some people call it science fiction while others, like Jason Silva & Ray Kurzweil think it may happen in our lifetime.

Here's the definition from our friend, Wikipedia:

The 'Singularity' is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence (ASI) will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.

Sounds intense, right? So what does that actually mean?

Basically, the Singularity is a state by which humans merge so much with technology that we can no longer tell the difference where one begins, and the other ends.

Here's how Ray Kurzweil, the most outspoken figure on the subject describes it & when he thinks it will occur:

I have also set the date 2045 for singularity — which is when humans will multiply our effective intelligence a billion fold, by merging with the intelligence we have created.”

A billion fold may sound...

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We Are Not Rational Actors

self mastery Jul 15, 2019

Don't promise when you're happy.
Don't reply when you're angry.
Don't decide when you're sad. 

-Ziad Abdelnour

We like to think we're logical, rational actors but we're not. 

In fact, it wasn't until recent decades we began to understand we make most of our choices from emotion, not logic.

If given a choice it was believed humans would choose that which was most logical. Which is why advertising was focused on facts, not emotion. 

But more than 90% of our choices are subconscious. Once this was discovered, advertising drastically transformed to primarily focus on emotion.

Emotion drives us to make decisions, not facts.

Facts Are Neutral

Information doesn't decide how we feel about something. Rather, how we feel about something determines how we interpret the information. 

Facts are neutral. Our mood influences what we choose to do with those facts.

When we're anxious, we make one choice. When we're confident, we choose another. Happy...

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Rewiring My Life After 20 Years of Chronic Pain

self mastery Jul 11, 2019
I used to hate my body. From 6th grade until I was 30, I was in chronic pain. And because my body was still developing, it grew around the pain.
So did my brain. It wired itself around suffering. Consequently, my thoughts, choices, behavior, & identity all spawned from this epicenter.
Most people didn’t notice because I became a master at finding ways to overcome it. I learned how to suffer quietly, how to push through boldly, and how not to give up even after I felt like I couldn’t take another step without screaming. But I wasn’t doing those things out of an enlightened state of being, I was recklessly tormenting myself and punishing my body for what it was putting me through.
I’m not proud of the relationship I had with my body – for 30 years I cursed it. But I had to make peace with it. I began to understand it was my way of coping through some of the hardest times of my life. I saw how it forged by identity,...
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Improve Your Ends, Not Your Means

self mastery Jul 10, 2019

Our inventions are pretty toys which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end. -Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau left society and moved out to the country to experience what it was to return to nature and live simply.
He wrote about his experience in his now famous book, Walden's Pond. In it, not only does he diligently track and report the cost of building his home and living simply, he also makes many wise reflections on the state of society.
This specific quote encourages us to get less caught up in trying to earn more money – which serves as a means to our ends – and instead focus on the ends in and of themselves.
It's not that we shouldn't spend time making money, of course, but we should spend more time what we are making money for. What are the things in life that are important to us? Why is it we are working all day in the first place?
Most of us have values that we live by and money is a means to enable us to...
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How To Know Your 'Self'

life design self mastery Jul 07, 2019

Who Are You?

Imagine you are a fish and your daily life is the fish tank you reside within.

Your house, commute, job, family, friends — they all make up the ingredients of your aquarium. 

Every day you swim within the confines of the life you’ve built for yourself and you’ve grown accustomed to your favorite spots — even when and where you’ll receive food. 

But from within the tank, you can’t comprehend what it is you are swimming in. You can’t measure the dimensions. You can’t understand the source of the water keeping you alive.

If you wanted to do that, you’d have to be outside of the tank.

Then you could accurately measure the dimensions, trace the source of the water, and gain a true understanding of what your fish tank really looks like and how it functions. 

Drop the analogy and contemplate your day-to-day life. One of the most difficult...

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How To Feel Calm

How to Shift from Anxious to Calm

Anxiety can be represented as Uncertainty X Powerlessness.

Or as Anticipation + Fear.

Either way, it's a result of living in the future, not the present.

Humans are really good at fear. As our greatest survival mechanism, it's been around for millions of years.

Protecting us from predators, other tribes, and the inconsistency of weather, we became skilled in preparing for the worst.

This was critical to stay alive because there were a lot of threats. For our genes to be passed down, we had to be ready for anything.

We're current living in the safest time in history. Chances are if you're reading this, the odds of imminent danger or death is very low.

That doesn't mean our fear simply goes away –we're hard-wired for it. Even if we're safe, it's still going to present itself in one way or another.

Welcome to Anxiety

Fear drives us to worry about the uncertainty of the future.

And its survival mechanism is so strong, even when we know we're...

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Master These 3 Things to Live the Good Life

self mastery Jul 05, 2019

We don't have control over much.

Our subconscious influences us more than our conscious selves.

Other people, companies, and the government are constantly trying to influence our behavior.

Then there's the rest of the universe with its fundamental laws, galaxies, asteroids, and mysteries we must abide by.

Mastering What We Do Have Control Of

Although we may not have control over ourselves, others, or the universe, we do have control over how we choose to be in relationship with each of them.

This doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy. Happiness is happenstance.

But it will put you in control of how you respond to the most influential things in life instead of simply reacting to them.

1. Master your relationship with self

How you talk to yourselfdetermines more than you realize. Your inner chatter isn't something that is going away anytime soon. Make sure it's saying the right thing.

Your beliefs about selfdetermine what you're capable of and what you think you...

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Follow These 9 Rules To Live a BOLD Life

courage self mastery Jul 04, 2019

Concrete tips for achieving success—and enjoying it, too

There are certain people in the world who live their lives BOLDLY. One of them is Peter Diamandis.

Not only is he the chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, he is also the Co-Founder Human Longevity, Inc., and the Co-Founder of Planetary Resources—a company making spacecrafts to literally mine asteroids for valuable materials.

He isn’t just bold, he also wrote the book on it (Bold) which has been endorsed by Bill Clinton, Eric Schmidt, and Ray Kurzweil.

Peter Diamandis has appeared on Tim Ferriss’s podcast a couple times and recently did a guest blog post where he shared the following 9 rules.

They are great rules to live by and make sure you check out more of his stuff if you want to up your game.

Without further ado, here are Peter Diamandis’s 9 Rules on how to build a successful business and how to live BOLDLY


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Stop Curating & Start Creating

digital wellness Jul 03, 2019
"For my generation (22 y/o), people are more willing to be who they are and not make up a fake identity. We are trying to show a real person doing cool things as a real person, not trying to create a persona that isn’t actually you.”  -Reese Blutstein

The jig is up, the curtain is drawn. Curation is out, creation is in.

We're starting to become turned off by overly curated social media profiles.

It was cool at first. We had never seen anything like it. But we see it for what it is now and we're over it.

How many times have you watched people embarrassingly try to get the perfect Instagram photo?

We've all been there, posturing to look as though we're enjoying ourselves when we're not.

The irony is we likely would be enjoying ourselves if we weren't trying to act like we were enjoying ourselves.

Illustrations by Kim-Dong-Kyu

Spending so much time curating, we've forgotten to create.

We've awakened to the fact overly curated profiles mask what's underneath...

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10 Ways To Do Nothing on Purpose– and why it's important

Perhaps the most underrated superpower humans have is the act of doing nothing on purpose.

Paradoxically, the art of doing nothing gets more done by doing less.

This article will not only show you why, but 10 ways you can effectively do nothing.

There isn't a word in the English language describing the concept of intentionally doing nothing.

'Idling' is close: spending time doing nothing.

Perhaps, intentional idling, then, is the best way of describing the art of doing nothing on purpose.

Doing nothing on purpose is not laziness

Laziness is choosing notto do something when you know you should. Intentional idling is choosing to do nothing because you know you should.

It's not putting something off that needs to be done. Rather, it's doing nothing on purpose knowing it needs to be done.

For hundreds of thousdands of years, humans enjoyed ample amounts of leisure time. Without many distractions, or language, hours were spent doing nothing.

This wasn't an accident. Having...

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